El Último

My time in Mexico is done, and it truly was incredible. I ran out of time to be able to post more frequently, so I will just give a couple highlights of some experiences I had. Our second week of groups was focused on the Oasis Boys’ Home. The group who came taught the boys on … Continue reading El Último

Week One

Oh boy, goodbye comfort zone, hello awkward. Sure, I can pretend to be semi-ok at Spanish, but to translate/pray in Spanish? Ay Caramba, no thank you! But luckily, I internalized those thoughts, and they came out as an “Okay, totally!” Continue reading Week One

What Am I Doing with my Life?

Just because I am going to a different country for a year does not mean I am on a different level of ministry. We truly are all missionaries as followers of Christ, and I never want this blog to seem as though I am raising myself to a higher standard. How ignorant I would be to think that I have a “higher calling” than anyone else! While God has chosen to use me in a different location than my friends and family, it is not in a different Spirit. Continue reading What Am I Doing with my Life?